"The Prisoner: The Village Files" is a technical manual of sorts that I wrote and illustrated, based on the British television programme The Prisoner which ran from 1967-68. The show was the brainchild of Patrick McGoohan and George Markstein, and concerned itself with the result of a British secret agent being abducted and taken to a village prison after he resigns. The Prisoner is much more than that... the 17 episodes that were created became a metaphor of an individual in society. Politics, individual freedom, brainwashing, and medical experimentation were all part of Patrick McGoohan's masterpiece. The phenomenon of The Prisoner continues to this day, over 40 years after it's inception. The 'cult' following has produced many fine books and web pages devoted to this television show.
(Sample pages are below)

"The creator is obviously a sincere and observant fan of the series..."
"I think Patrick McGoohan himself would appreciate the research and humor that went into it.
I wish I knew something about doing JKII or Quake mods or Sims skins because it would be perfect for that."

"This fascinating publication is the definitive visual companion to the cult TV series... A must for any fan of the show."

"There's a tremendous amount of information here, right down to explanations of every button on Number 2's console...Tim Palgut has been extremely thorough."
The Alien Online

"The book is professionally designed, with pin-sharp computer generated artwork throughout."
The Unmutual

"Just as the series was surreal, so is this book."
This Is Worcester

"...his drawings look convincing and he has given a great deal of thought as to how the wondrous Village devices might have worked..."
The Pennyfarthing

"...this could prove an excellent resource for a game designer, a costumer or just someone who wants a proper badge with his own number...it is one of the only prisoner-related items that qualifies as playful diversion..."
Colony 3

"...the author/illustrator’s attention to detail and sense of humor about the series is remarkable.
If you ever thought of doing a Prisoner Mod or an HO scale Village, this is where to start..."




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"The Prisoner: The Village Files" is published by
Titan Books, a division of Titan Publishing Group Ltd.
Hardcover with glossy dustjacket, 96 pages.
First edition February, 2003
Artwork © Tim Palgut 2002
ISBN 1 84023 597 7
The Prisoner is TM and © 1967 Carlton International Media Ltd.
Licenced by Carlton International Media Ltd.

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